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It is no accident that the word ‘sporting’ is synonymous with fair, honourable, and generous. Dedicated to helping youth at risk in Hackney through sports programs that develop discipline, self-confidence and social skills, Malaika Youth Project delivers education through sports.
Malaika Youth Project activities support the London Against Gun and Knife Crime partnership and the government’s National Strategy for P.E., School Sport and Club Links to increase sporting activity amongst 5-16 year olds.

Our alumni include champion athletes, who will be sharing their inspiring stories.

We welcome your questions and comments, and invite you to help empower your community by taking part in the Malaika Youth Project.

Youth for Hackney and Malaika Youth Project have united for a special sports, dance and teaching program in Hackney. Please join us! Call or text Coach Danny on 07951 627 066.

Malaika Youth Project was recently featured in a few news articles, including a feature on our Boxercise program and an article in the Hackney Gazette.

You can also review the Malaika Youth Protection Policy by clicking here.

Malaika Youth Project, in conjunction with Youth for Hackney, will start boxercise classes on Tuesday 11 November 2008, at 3.30pm at Gainsborough Primary School. All interested students & parents please contact Ms. Clare Pike or Ms Debbie Lewis, Head of School, on 020 8985 4622.

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